About Me

Sarah Hunter is a professional actor and voice actor based out of Toronto, ON. Originally from Thorndale, ON she found her love for acting, singing and dancing at a very young age. At the age of 19 Sarah moved to New York City to attend The American Musical and Dramatic Academy where she graduated the Integrated Program for Musical Theatre. She then worked in marketing and education for six years at The Grand Theatre before moving to Toronto to pursue her true love of performing.

When Sarah isn’t performing she loves to travel, watch Netflix, listen to true crime podcasts and is a major foodie. Some of her adventures include: sushi in Japan, the Colosseum in Rome, wine tasting in Tuscany, monkey searching in Costa Rica, ancient ruins in Mexico, tapas in Spain, shopping in France, coconut syrup in Hawaii, star struck in Los Angeles, a proposal in Venice, tzatziki in Greece, biking across the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, hanging out with elephants in Thailand and most recently ghost hunting in New Orleans. She currently resides in Toronto, ON with her amazing husband, Bryce, and their two kitties, Jack and Edward.