My Thoughts on: This Blog Thing.

This blog thing. So, a blog… I now have a blog. Really? Why? Especially when it seems that everyone has a blog and something important to say? Well, I’m not sure why… I’m not sure that what I have to say is overly important. I’m not even sure that anyone will read what I have to say, but I do think it might be good for me. Therapeutic maybe? Who knows why really but here we go…

What to expect. My thoughts on my not so interesting/interesting life, my family and friends, I’ll rant guaranteed, (probably rant some more), talk about my hopes, my fears, about challenges and obstacles, about things I’m excited for and basically whatever else I feel inspired to write about… I mean isn’t that what this blog thing is for?

Quick intro. I am married to the most wonderful person on the planet (I know everyone says that but I really am. No seriously… wanna make a bet?) and we have two of the cutest little kitties. I am a hopeless romantic, an actor (on a great day) and I live in Toronto. I have an amazing family, I love food and love to travel, discovering this beautiful place we all call home.

So, here’s your official welcome to this blog thing… my blog, and my first post.