My Thoughts On: Roma! (Italy Part 3)

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Welcome to Roma!

We soon arrived at our home for the next four days. Sophie’s place (Sophie was our Airbnb host… side note, if you do not know what Airbnb is you should definitely look into that if you are a traveller) was in the middle of everything and was the perfect location for us to walk everywhere we wanted to go. Sophie had also left us a little bottle of Italian wine to welcome us to Rome.

After checking in and dropping off our bags we were ready to explore! Since we were starving, finding food was our first priority. There was a small pizza place called La Montecarlo that was just around the corner and so that seemed like the perfect spot to grab some yummy pizza.

A quick aside on pizza: while we were Rome we tried two pizza places that were supposed to be amazing, life-changing pizza. Although the pizza was good, Bryce and I both agreed that it was not life changing in the way we had hoped and that there is just as good pizza in Toronto (shout out to No Bros). Now with this said we did only try two pizza places so if you have any life-changing pizza suggestions in Rome please feel free to send them my way!

After our pizza and on our way towards Piazza Navona, we came across a line up of people heading into a gelato place called Frigidarium. Gelato, we thought, would be the perfect dessert after our pizza and so we jumped on the end of the line. Now remember how I said that in our experience most places that have a line up have it for a reason? Well Frigidarium is one of those places. The gelato was UN-REAL. Like we went back every day while we were in Rome… Every. Single. Day. Definitely hands down the best gelato I have ever eaten. They had a flavour called Cremino which is hazelnut gelato that has had chocolate injected into it and is then topped with a thick layer of crushed hazelnuts. Basically extra delicious Nutella gelato and it was amazing, my favourite for sure. So I ordered Cremino and banana and then was asked, and this is key, if I wanted the whole thing then dipped in dark chocolate… which of course, the answer to that is always yes.

We wandered, enjoying our gelato, and soon found ourselves in Piazza Navona. Now maybe it was just that it was our first real taste of Rome, or that the sun was magically setting behind the beautiful fountains, or that we were eating life changing gelato, but wandering Piazza Navona was one of those moments where you just have to stop and enjoy the feeling. To just be thankful that you are in this beautiful place experiencing it with the man you love. My favourite fountain in the Piazza was the Fountain of Neptune but the Fountain of the Four Rivers with an Egyptian obelisk rising high in the centre of it was a close second. The Piazza was so lovely and we spent quite a lot of time taking photos and enjoying it from every angle.

Our next stop was Ponte Sisto, or the “Kissing Bridge” as it’s known, which my travel book had made sound much more romantic than it actually is. “Ponte Sisto provides the perfect sunset backdrop – dome of St. Peter’s aglow in the distance – for romance.” What the guide book does not tell you is about the sketchy men loitering along the bridge and the very, very pungent smell of… pee. A friend of ours joked that it should be renamed the “pissing” bridge which would be a far more accurate name. Although it was fun to get our first glimpse of St. Peter’s Basilica off in the distance, holding your breath while clutching your purse for fear of it being stolen is not overly romantic. However, we had walked all the way down to that bridge to kiss, so we were going to kiss. We kissed and took a photo to prove it. Kissing Bridge, check. We then grabbed some cheese and meat at a nearby market and headed back to the apartment to enjoy our lovely bottle of wine and a late night dinner.

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