My Thoughts On: Those Goals We Set. Oh yeeeeah…

It’s July! And do you know what that means? The weather’s warmer, walking around outside is actually enjoyable again, everyone has their sunnies on, “let’s get a drink on a patio” is back in our vocabularies and it’s BBQ chicken burgers for dinner every night… but it also means that six months has passed since we first sat down and made our goals for 2015. That’s right, 2015 is already half over (crazy I know)! So this is your six month check in. NOW is the perfect time to look back at those goals you set for yourself in frigid grey January, and see whether you’ve accomplished all, or any, of them. It’s also a good reminder to get on the ones you may have brushed aside for the first half of the year.

So I recently sat down with my notebook, (remember I wrote down all my goals this year?) and started going back over all of the goals I set for myself for 2015. Having a concrete list to go back and reference is honestly sooooo helpful! Not only is it a good reminder but it also keeps you accountable! And not to mention how WONDERFUL it has felt to be able to check off the goals I have completed on my list as I go along. So far I haven’t done too badly. I’ve definitely gotten on top of some things and accomplished some of my goals for the year, while others… I’ve maybe slacked on. It’s interesting to see which goals I’ve been avoiding or holding off on and a good reminder to finally get on them! Now is the time to reenergize and get our butts into gear! I also think it’s a great time to revisit your goals and add to your list! You’ve completed at least ONE goal right?! (Please tell me you’ve completed at least one…) So add at least one new goal to the list!

Remember my main categories: Life, Love, Health, Travel and Career? (If you didn’t read my original post on goals check it out now!) Now I know I didn’t share all of my goals with you but out of the ones I did share here’s where I’m at:

In my Life category we still haven’t created a will! I know, I KNOW! That’s from 2014… this WILL (no pun intended) happen. Okay… getting on it! Another goal was to relook at our budget and make adjustments if necessary and we’ve actually done that twice already this year. I have a feeling that this will be an ongoing goal for forever.

In Health I had made a goal to revisit both Insanity and Insanity: The Asylum with the suggested 30 day hybrid of the two programs and I’m happy to report I not only completed that but I also completed my own hybrid program. I was able to buy Insanity Max: 30 for pretty cheap off someone so I will probably try that out next or continue on with a new hybrid that I make for myself.

In Travel one of our goals was to make sure we went on a big trip together and if you’ve been following my blog you know we were fortunate enough to travel to Italy (Florence, Tuscany and Rome) which was sooooooo much fun. Make sure to read all about it on my blog if you missed our adventures! We also are currently saving for Jamaica which we will be traveling to for a wedding at the end of November. I don’t want to wish away the summer but is it November yet?

In Career I have been chipping away at accomplishing my goals and so far I haven’t done too badly. One of my goals was to read at least one play a month, 12 plays over the year. When I went back and looked I realized I had only read TWO plays (and two half plays) in six months! YIKES! So over the past few weeks I set straight to work and read four more plays. Six plays so far. Check.

January – I did finally read The Glass Menagerie
February – A Streetcar Named Desire
March – I technically read half of Noises Off and half of Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf…but then never finished either… So instead two weeks ago I read The Heidi Chronicles
April – Girl in the Goldfish Bowl
May – Perfect Pie
June – Bittergirl

For July I plan to either finish Noises Off or Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf.

Another Career goal was to add to my website. I am happy to report that I’ve added a few photos here and there (check out some photos I just added today), a commercial voice over demo (also one of my goals. Check!) and of course some blog posts! I still need to explore getting an animation demo recorded (which I’m in the process of figuring out) and I haven’t taken my improv class yet but I’m thinking fall for that.

My next step is to get motivated to get a few more things checked off my lists while it’s fresh in my mind but also to set aside some time to get some new goals added to the list.

So there you have it. If you haven’t already taken some time to look back and reflect on your year so far, now’s the time. Figure out what you want and what you need to do to get it and go out and get ‘er done!

*Cover photo by Richelle Hunter Photography