My Thoughts On: 2016

HAPPY NEW YEAR! And here we are again. The holidays are over and we’re all back to the grind, only now we’re about 5-10 pounds heavier and going through sugar withdrawal (or at least I am). New years resolutions, a fresh start, hopes for the year ahead… welcome to January.

Last January I went through and set a ton of goals for myself for 2015, (feels just like yesterday!) and now it’s time to look back and pat myself on the back for all that I accomplished last year, while also admitting to those goals I did not yet complete (notice how I said YET). If you’re like me and didn’t quite get around to all of your goals for 2015, no worries! It’s a new year which means a fresh start! Just make sure to add those goals to the top of your list for 2016.

Although I didn’t accomplish everything on my 2015 to do list I am happy to report that I did succeed with most of my goals! AND I know that some of them I wouldn’t have happened if I hadn’t of planned and written them out at the beginning of last year. So here we go again.


If you remember from last year my brain finds it easiest to compartmentalize my goals into:
Life, Love, Health, Travel and Career.


Okay number one on the list will be… MAKE A WILL! Ugh… this is one from 2014. I don’t know why this is so hard. Okay… I’m starting on this one TODAY. None of this waiting until December business. I will message people today and by… June… yes, June, we WILL have wills. NEXT.

I am happy to report that last year one of our goals was to revisit our budgeting and see where we might be able to cut back and to really focus on adding to our savings. We successfully completed this goal and although we didn’t always stick perfectly to the budget it was still helpful to keep us on track and know where we may have gone awry. I think this is a great yearly goal to have so I will add this one again to this years list. It’s always good to sit down together and talk about what worked and didn’t work and what we can change for the upcoming year. I mean I would say most people aren’t in the exact same spot financially they were a year ago… things change over time, life happens and it’s a good thing to constantly revisit, update and keep on top of. Maybe I will even go back and read one of my favourite money books, Debt-Free Forever: Take Control of Your Money And Your Life, by Gail Vaz-Oxlade. Love this book! I just find it super interesting for some reason! If you haven’t read it and are at all interested in, or maybe should be interested in finances, she gives some great ideas of different ways to organize and use your money. Also how to get out of debt if you still have those annoying student loans sitting around!

One thing that I’m adding to the list this year is to get a lesson from Bryce in Photoshop. Last year with my website, Instagram and two weddings that needed lots of invitations and signage for bridal showers etc., Bryce taught me a few of the necessary tools in Photoshop. I would love to actually have a lesson and basic overview at some point so we are planning that for sometime this year.

Something I have decided to do this year just for fun is to have a quote or word of the day. Something to inspire and motivate me on the days when I really need it. I’ve only started this week and already I love having something to read first thing in the morning that I then take with me through the rest of the day. The day’s mantra if you will. Tuesday’s quote was “Inhale confidence, exhale doubt” and it was a great reminder for me to spend the day being confident and when in doubt, just breathe. Yesterday’s word was “Create” and I loved knowing that that word was at the forefront of my brain while I worked away. You should try it! There are so many wonderful and inspiring quotes out there and they’re so much fun to read! Plus they really do have a way of making you feel like you can rule the world. 🙂


I feel like so far I’ve been really lucky in the sense that Bryce and I just really have a good time hanging out and doing stuff together. We’re fortunate enough at this point in our lives to have time together to go out for dinner, play board games, or just sit on the couch watching Walking Dead together (so romantic I know). In fact more often than not we find that we actually have to be more aware of scheduling time apart from one another to have a little “me” time every once and a while. Now don’t get me wrong, we do still have to be aware and make time for one another but because we so easily fall into hanging out together what we have to be careful of is that we still take the time to plan one on one time. What I mean by that is that I think it’s important that we don’t see getting groceries or running errands together as quality one on one time. Instead I think that we need put in effort once and while and actually plan in advance to spend one on one time together. A preplanned “date night” if you will. So this year I want to plan two surprise dates. They don’t have to been anything super fancy or extravagant but just two dates that I’ve thought about in advance and put a little bit of effort into. Not sure what the surprise dates will be yet so if you have any fun date suggestions throw them my way!


This one I’m struggling with this year. Last year was easy to set some personal exercise goals. I had previously complete both the Insanity and Insanity Asylum programs and wanted to try the hybrid between the two. And then I made my own hybrid program. This year I’m not sure what I want my exercise goals to be. I’m going to have to do some more thinking on this one but hopefully I will be able to decide sooner than later and get my butt in gear.

I do however, know that I would love to do some more yoga, so yoga classes are on the list!

Also on the list, get more Thai messages! If you love to stretch and have never had a Thai message do yourself a favour and try it! I’m a BIG fan.


In 2015 we had quite the year for travel! In March we were fortunate enough to visit Bryce’s sister, Richelle, and her husband, Eric, in Tuscany where there were copious amounts of wine and cheese ingested before heading off to the leaning tower in Pisa, seeing The David and Duomo in Florence, and then finally ending our trip in Ancient Rome. The Colosseum, The Roman Forum, fresh pasta and more wine… the whole trip was of course, amazing. We then spent the end of November in sunny Jamaica celebrating the marriage of our friends, Julie and Warren. With our sunnies on and a mojito in each hand, it was a great way to wrap up the year. Not sure where 2016 will bring us but hopefully somewhere super cool! The biggest problem is that our wish list of places to visit is too big and just keeps growing! How do we narrow it down and pick just one?! Does anyone want to just give us an infinite amount of money and kitty sit for us while we globe-trot around the world? … Anyone?

So we’re not quite sure our travel plans for 2016 but we will definitely keep you posted.


In the Career category I yet again have a ton of goals that I would love to accomplish in 2016.

Last year I made the goal to read 12 plays (a play for each month). Reading plays just because has always been a challenge for me. I usually wait until there is a need to read a play before picking it up and reading it. But I was able to complete my goal and read 12 plays last year:

  1. The Glass Menagerie
  2. A Streetcar Named Desire
  3. The Heidi Chronicles
  4. Girl in The Goldfish Bowl
  5. Perfect Pie
  6. Bittergirl
  7. Look Back in Anger
  8. The Aliens
  9. Uncle Vanya (Adaptation by Annie Baker)
  10. Circle Mirror Transformation
  11. Body Awareness
  12. Nocturama

AND I actually read a 13th – The Flick! I even found a new favourite playwright, Annie Baker (thank you John Gordon for that). This year I am upping the count to 18 so wish me luck! I’m starting the year off with Bad Habits by Terrance McNally.

I wasn’t the best at blogging last year. I did manage to write and post some… the first half of the year I was a lot better than the second half. I had lots to write about with our trip to Italy but then I got really busy, excuses excuses, and I sort of fell off in the second half of the year. This year I would like to try to write and post at least one blog per month. Let’s see how that goes.

Another thing I really wanted to do last year that I didn’t get a chance to was to take an improv class. Not for lack of want or trying! In fact, I tried to sign up for a class a few times but either I had just missed the deadline or we were away during the class or the class I really wanted to take overlapped with my voice lessons… so this year I’m going to start early, put some dates in the calendar and hopefully make that a reality!

One of my goals for 2015 was to explore the voiceover world a little more: take some one on one classes and look at possibly making a voiceover demo. I was fortunately able to connect with some wonderful voiceover professionals in the city and I also create a commercial demo. This year I hope to continue down that path even more.

Alright! So now that I’ve got some goals in place I need to set some due dates! Last year I had very good intentions of mapping out dates throughout the year and setting mini milestones but then I got busy (excuses, excuses) and I didn’t have a chance to map out all of my goals. That is what the rest of this week is for. Planning, planning and more planning. I think dates to work towards and reminders along the way will help me a lot to STAY. ON. TRACK!

2016 is gonna be great I can feel it! Whatever it is you’ve been wanting to do, do it, you’ve got a whole year ahead of you. Well technically 352 days and counting. Aaaccctttuuuaaalllyyy it’s a leap year (353 days and counting)! And if you need some motivation today’s quote is: “In order to succeed, we must first believe that we can.” – Nikos Kazantzakis.
Now go get ‘er done.