Height: 5’ 4”  Hair: Brown  Unions: Non-Union
 Build: Slim  Eyes: Hazel  Agent: Catherine Knights
 Paranormal Witness, “Ashes to Ashes”  Principal – Amanda  Syfy, David Belton
 Untold Stories of the ER, “Foreign Objects”  Actor – Nurse Sofia  TLC / Discovery Life, Rama Rau
 Fear Thy Neighbor, “Red Picket Fences”  Supporting – Vanessa  Investigation Discovery, Brian Rice
 See No Evil, “Death of a Dentist” Actor – Jamie Viker  Investigation Discovery, Gareth Johnson
 Bystander Intervention Training  Video  Featured – Roommate  University of Western Ontario
 List of Commercials Available    
 Hair  Jeanie  The Grand Theatre, Susan Ferley
 Cabaret  Frenchie  The Lower Ossington Theatre, Jeremy Hutton
 Frankenstein  Dancer  Echo Productions, Victoria Fuller
 Lombardo (Workshop and Reading)  Gracie/Sophie Tucker  The Grand Theatre, Heather Davies
 Irving Berlin’s White Christmas  Judy Haynes  Musical Theatre Productions, Megan Moorhouse
 Nine  Carla  Musical Theatre Productions, Dariusz Korbiel
 The Rocky Horror Show  Columbia  London Fringe Festival, Dale Hirlehey
 The Maids  Madame  Passionfool Theatre Company, Justin Quesnelle
 Company  Kathy/Sarah (u/s)  Fountainhead Theatre Company, John Gerry
 The Producers  Ensemble  Pacheco Theatre Company, John Pacheco
 Nunsense: The Mega Musical  Sr. Mary Amnesia  Musical Theatre Productions, Angela Southern

Sago Mini World: Multiple Kids Games

Multiple Characters


Spin Master Corp., Toronto, ON

Dino Ranch, Dino-Mites

Jaws, Steggo, Clover, Tango

Industrial Brothers Canada Limited, Toronto, ON

Arena Stars: Rival Heroes Tea Princess Tiny Titan Studios, London, ON
 Piko Marketing V.O. DHX Media Ltd., Toronto, ON
Muse (VG) Hope Big Blue Bubble Inc., London, ON
 The American Musical and Dramatic Academy, New York, NY
 Graduated from the Integrated Program at The American Musical and Dramatic Academy in 2005
 On-Camera Acting Class ( January/February 2020)  Shaun McComb  The Dirt Underneath Actors’ Space, Toronto, ON
 On-Camera Acting Class (Fall and Winter Sessions 2019)

 John Gordon, Shaun McComb

 The Dirt Underneath Actors’ Space, Toronto, ON
 On-Camera Acting Class (April/May 2019)  Angela Besharah  The Lighthouse Acting Studio, Toronto, ON
 Lynne Cormack: Nailing the Small Role (January 2018)  Lynne Cormack  Toronto, ON
 On-Camera Acting Class Advanced (Summer 2015, Spring, Summer and Fall Sessions 2014)  John Gordon  The Dirt Underneath Actors’ Space, Toronto, ON
 On-Camera Acting Class (Summer and Fall Sessions 2013)  John Gordon  Professional Actors Lab, Toronto, ON
 Advanced Theatre Scene Study (Fall 2015)  John Gordon  The Dirt Underneath Actors’ Space, Toronto, ON
 Improv (Fall 2016)  Leigh Cameron  The Second City, Toronto, ON
 Individual Voice:  Tom Oliver  (Present)  Toronto, ON
   Jennifer Fagan  London, ON
 Ballet, Jazz and Tap:  Various Instructors  Metro Movement and City Dance Corps,  Toronto, ON
   Mark Santoro  The New Dance Group, New York City, NY
   Donna Bayley  Dance Steps Studio, London, ON
 One on One Voice Over Training  Kim Hurdon  Kim Hurdon Casting
 One on One Voice Over Training  Melissa Altro  Voice Pro Studio
 One on One Voice Over Session  Elley-Ray Hennessy  Livingston Studios
 Beginner and Intermediate  Spanish (January 2013 – November 2014)  Yolanda E. Perez  Spanish Studio, Toronto, ON
 Cartwheels, Whistling, Baseball, Valid Driver’s License, Southern Accent, British Accent